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Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Why Most OAU Transcripts Don’t Get Sent Ever or Get Sent But Several Months After Applying [TAGS: NAIRALAND, OAU, TRANSCRIPT, TPS]

 Why Most OAU Transcripts Don’t Get Sent Ever or Get Sent But Several Months After Applying

To save your time (in case you wouldn’t need this write-up), let me list out the aspects of OAU transcript problems I want to discuss here so you know if this write-up would be of help to you in any way or not.

1. I will talk about why people who graduated a long time ago may never get their transcripts or get it but almost a year or after a year that they applied for it; long time ago being 2015 backwards.

2. I will talk about why people who graduated from any department in Health Sciences and Faculty of Pharmacy in OAU may never get their transcript if they make the application online and keep waiting without doing any physical thing on it.

3. I will talk about why people who transferred between departments, people who took a leave of absence, people who had extra year/semester, and people who didn’t graduate may never get their transcripts from OAU.

4. If you have applied for your transcript for close to one year but the tracker on your dashboard is still stuck at “Payment Received”, I will talk about what your case could be too.

5. I will discuss the workable solution to 1, 2, 3, and 4 above.

This write-up may however be an eye opener to you if your case is not listed among 1, 2, 3 and 4 above but you graduated from other schools like OAU but your transcript application is not showing any sign someone is doing something on it to get it delivered.

At Pathfinders Edu Consultancy (PEC), the experiences we have garnered from processing transcripts for people in OAU, UI, UNILAG, AAU, AAUA, UNIBEN, POLYIBADAN and the likes of these schools from 2017 till now have made us realize there are some transcript jobs that are naturally problematic, and their problems, even if solvable at all, would take forever to solve than most clients can be patient for and also cost too much money usually than the token collected from clients to do a job like this for them. Also, we have learned that owners of these problematic jobs have no idea at all their own transcript case is different, so they keep saying things like: “but my friends are getting their own transcripts naw”, and stuff like that that would make you feel like your efforts to get the problem on their job solved is not understood at all. So for these reasons, we have been wise enough to divide transcript jobs into two: CLASS A and CLASS B. If your case falls on any of 1, 2, 3 and 4 above, you fall on our CLASS B, we are not taking jobs like yours anymore, the best help we can offer you is explain what you’d need to do to you and connect you to some people who may be of help. Below is detailed discussion on numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 cases listed above (our CLASS B jobs).

1.  If you graduated from OAU anytime from 2015 backwards, just remove the idea of “I need my transcript urgently” from your mind, it’s never coming anytime soon if it’s coming at all. Between 2010 and 2020, OAU’s results database has crashed at least five times, although they introduce new databases after every crash, but people’s results get lost along the line. So the longer ago it is that you graduated, the most likely your results are not on the current database in use or not completely on it. If you graduated in the early 2000’s, in the 90’s, 80’s and 70’s, your results are definitely on papers only, and a lot of these papers have been lost or misplaced during use to get other people’s results or during porting from one office to another. Transcript production is impossible if your results can’t be found or no one is even trying to look for them.

2. If you graduated from any department in Health Sciences in OAU or Pharmacy, your case is close to number 1 above, only that you still have more hope of getting your transcript, it may only take years if no one is running the errands for you. Reason for this is because Health Sciences and Pharmacy for some reasons don’t deliver their individual results to the Exams and Records they just send the number of graduating students and what they are graduating with (this is not a fact, but if it’s wrong the fact cannot be too far away from it). Health Sciences and Pharmacy for some reasons hold on to their own results, and they try to make sure every student in their departments get a piece of their results signed by their HOD before graduating, so they can use it when they need to process their transcripts. So for this, when you graduate and apply for your transcript online for the school’s Transcript Department to produce, they have no results they would use to produce a transcript for you. Normally, someone from the Transcript Department was supposed to visit your Faculty/College and go process your results from there and get them to the Transcripts Department for the production of your transcript to begin proper, but no OAU staff has that time for such visit. So even if someone is going to get up and go do this for you at your Faculty/College, just know it wouldn’t be that fast, this is why it may take forever before your transcript is delivered.

3. If you transferred between departments, forget it, your results can’t be generated on the new database; someone would have to go to your department to collate your results from papers, and no OAU staff wants to do this. So stop wondering why you have applied for your transcript since 19BC but it’s still at “Payment Received”. If you took a Leave of Absence, even if your results are found and collated and your transcripts produced, it would still get stuck at the level of approval because the office to approve it would want to see the letter that approved the Leave of Absence you took, and most student don’t remember to take this letter to the Exams and Records for them to keep it in their file after they have gotten the approval for the leave, they just give it to their department (that would not keep it) or hold on to it themselves and lose it. If you had extra year/semester, you most probably failed multiple courses while you’re in school, so your results are scattered everywhere around different sessions that’s not yours normally; OAU staff don’t have the time to be fetching for scattered results like that. If you didn’t complete your programme before leaving OAU, most OAU staff have no idea even 100 Level students have the right to get their transcripts if they need it, they mostly believe only people who have graduated can get a transcript. So if you have already applied for your transcript online just assume someone saw your application and abandoned it because you didn’t graduate and they don’t know you still have the right to your transcripts on the levels you completed.

4. If you have applied for your transcripts online, it’s been close to one year since you applied and the tracker is still stuck at “Payment Received”, 99.99% are the chances your results are not on the database and no staff is trying to go help you get them from papers at your department. A transcript cannot be produced for you lest this is done!

Problems have been discussed, you now have a better understanding why your transcript is taking forever or may never be delivered, but what are the ways out? There are not many ways out, but the one I know is a promising one if you could find people that would be on ground to do some office-to-office tipping and begging for your transcript to be produced, and this process would cost that person time, money, physical and mental stress (so mind what you say to them when things aren’t going as you assume it should). We used to be the people doing these office-to-office wahala for people, but we have found out this thing is not healthy for this business nor for any member of our team, the clients of these jobs don’t help matters either; they add their own pressures and insults because they don’t understand what we are on ground doing for them so we stopped taking jobs like this. But my advice to you if you have one or more case among the numbers 1 to 4 problems discussed, just find somebody who is willing to climb mountains and swim oceans for you, lest you would wait for OAU staff forever or in vain. When you find someone to help you, here are the things you would need them to do for you in stages.

Stages to Solving OAU’s Transcript Problems

Stage 1: Online application would be made on; amount to pay for this application would vary depending on the destination of the transcript and the mode of delivery. For an electronic or paper transcript to be delivered to the owner in Nigeria (student copy), the amount to pay online is approximately #10,500 (bank charges added). Electronic transcript to be delivered abroad is approximately #18,500, while paper transcript going abroad is approximately #25,500.

Stage 2: The application would be printed out and used to collect a Request for Results (RFR) from the Transcript Department; this RFR would be drafted by the officer in charge of your faculty and it must be signed by the Principal Assistant Registrar (PAR) of Transcript Department. If you transferred between departments, you are collecting a RFR for every department you went to. If you graduated from any department in College of Health Sciences, Medicine and Surgery for instance, you are collecting a RFR for as many departments as Basic Med., Community Health, Mental Health, Med. and Surg.

Stage 3: The RFR would be taken to the department(s) for them to collate your results and have the document signed by the HOD(s) (most departments collect a levee for this, averagely #3,000 per department you submit the RFR to). Normally the HOD is the person to be in charge of this, but no HOD has the time to start digging for results up and down, so they assign this work to a junior staff who would also never want to do it; one must be willing to tip this person to charge them to work (budget #3,000 to #5,000 or a lot of begging for this).

Stage 4: When the results are collated and the document signed by the HOD, take it to the Transcript Department for proper transcript production to begin. Offices and persons that would be involved from here: Officer in charge of your Faculty (to keep moving the file from one office to another), typist (to type the transcript), the proofreader (who proofreads transcripts), the PAR (who would approve the transcript), and the dispatch officer. Budget a lot of tipping and begging for most of these offices and persons.

These stages are just four and I have explained them in a way that makes them look simple, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this would not take several months and cost lots of money and cause lots of physical and mental stress. I wish you the best of luck as you look for your runsman who can do this for you.


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