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Monday, 23 January 2023

UI and OAU Proof of English Proficiency (Certificate of Medium of Instruction) Processed in Three Days [TAGS: UI, OAU, NAIRALAND, PROOF OF ENGLISH, MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION]

UI and OAU Proof of English Proficiency (Certificate of Medium of Instruction) Processed in Three Days

Here is the funny thing about needing a Proof of English Proficiency (POEP) also known as Certificate of Medium of Instruction (CMOI), you often find yourself needing it in a matter of days; it’s only on rare cases you have the opportunity to wait before really needing it. The reasons for this is because when a travel aspirant—especially the first timers who don’t know much about getting the needed documents ready—hears about applying for admission as international student and they want to jump on it, this is when they learn they need a POEP/CMOI, then they start running around to see who can help them process it and get it delivered in a matter of days so they can meet up with the deadline on admission they are applying for. But unfortunately, when it comes to OAU and UI, as much as I know, processing these documents without manipulating the system somehow can take several weeks if not months to get delivered. These schools claim they deliver in one week if you apply for it on their website and as cheap as #1,000-#1,500 for UI and #5,000 for OAU, but if you fall for this it means you are yet to know your school despite your years of studying there.

I can’t speak for other agents on how much they collect to process a POEP/CMOI but I can speak for Pathfinders Edu Consultancy that these documents are processed for #13,500 for undergraduate POEP and #18,500 for postgraduate POEP and the document will be ready between 7 and 14 working days (this is our regular processing). But in the case of people who need it in a matter of 2 to 3 days, yes we can get this done too, but this would mean we are inviting more people to work on your document and we are spending more money on it than usual, hence your own charge would be #18,500 for undergraduate POEP and #23,500 for postgraduate POEP, and this document will be ready in 2 or 3 days. We call this the “Ultrafast” processing. So if this is what you want, when you talk to us about processing your Proof of English for you, just mention that you want the Ultrafast processing and your POEP would get delivered to you as produced by your school and as soon as 3 days latest. The idea is, money can save or buy you time if you are willing to pay the price.

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